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Be The Gallery simply means to Be The Gallery. It's to display your style and taste wherever you go. Be it a Van Gogh, a Kandinsky, or a Davinci masterpiece, choose from our collections a style to match your personality.


The Long Term Vision for Be The Gallery is a brand inspiring and expressing the aesthetic senses for all creatives. 

In the short Term Our Mission is to work alongside the creatives community to create, explore, and share new styles by innovating art and fashion for expression. 


Historical artists and soon modern artists, subscribe to our email because

  • We send out new collections every week
  • Each collection will be completely new and unique
  • Once the collection is closed, that may be the last time we ever offer those specific products
  • Our collections consist of various types of products and designs. Each collection will be completely unique from the others, so if you see a product you like, don't wait, it may be the last time you can ever get it.



Send an email to: with the subject line: "My Story" or on our Contact Us Page for what you'd like to see in our next collection. It can be anything at all; type of design, new product, new artists, etc. We look forward to learning more about you! 



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